Business Content

Business Content

1.Tax Account business

1. Our business is an Tax Accounting firm with an international staff that can speak five different languages which are: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Filipino.
We offer account processing for foreigners who can’t understand Japanese processes due to language barriers.
For more information, you may call our office, in your own language.

2. We offer our service that can help you to achieve optimal tax refund. We also offer help in Electronic Tax Filing, Corporate Taxes, Incomes Taxes, Consumption taxes, Inheritance Taxes, Gift Taxes, Business Taxes and Property Amortization Taxes.

3. The accounting software that our company uses are the most used and sophisticated Cloud and Packaged Accounting Software in Japan. Namely, we use:

 MF Cloud
 Free
 Yayoi Accounting
 Kanjou Bugyou

We use the features of these software to achieve efficiency in catering our services to your needs.

2.Tax advisory service for the foreigners living in Japan

1.Foreign Tax and Social Insurance Refund Business
Most foreigners who are living in Japan pay higher taxes. Our company can help minimize these taxes by presenting necessary documents to the tax authorities. Because of this, Foreigners can refund their overpaid taxes that they paid within their last five years in Japan.

In addition , for the foreigners who lived in Japan and decided to return to their country, they can receive their Pension on their social insurance premiums/subscriptions that had been withheld in Japan in form of a lump-sum withdrawal.

2.Income Tax return for those who owned a real estate business overseas.

In Japan the residents are required to declare their whole income. Recently there are many people who are buying Condominiums in the fast-growing Asian market. Our company can make the taxes cheaper by choosing the best time of currency exchange rates.

3. Expatriate Tax Consultation

If you decided to live and work in abroad and requires processing of taxes in Japan. You must be careful of different subsequent processing. The processes depends whether you are an expatriates or is holding an executive position in a company.

In regarding with Income Tax Act, wherein the residence of the country or refers to the individual with residence to the other country of more than 1 year up to the present.Should be careful of deciding because there are needs to process of their Income Tax before leaving the country of residence. Or living in other country for more than 183 days.

In regarding with Income Tax Act, the individual who is planning to live or work outside Japan for more than 1 year should be reminded that there is a need to process their income taxes before leaving the country.

3.Philippine Investment Report

In 2014, the Philippine population had exceeded 100 million. In connection to this, there is currently. a rapid increase in demand on Home Appliances that helps maintain a high annual GDP that is about 3000$ per capita of consumer goods.

Our business will help both the Philippines and Japan build an alliance as partners and help the Philippines to achieve higher economic growth.

1. Market Research
Our company offers to make a comprehensive and well-studied research at the specific industry that the client is interested in. If necessary, we will coordinate with support organizations such as JETRO, SME Support Organizations and the Japanese and Philippine Embassies.

2. Advice on Locations
Our company will provide important advise and information on the most optimal location that will provide the best environment for the client’s business to achieve early success.

3.Company Establishment Support
Our company will provide support in selecting or creating the best subsidiary company and its branch offices. This will include the creation or selection of representative offices, consignment companies and agency offices .

4.Work Visa Acquisition Assistance

In Japan, people who want to work are required to have a Working or Investor visa. There are cases where foreigners who don’t have visa and are illegally working are arrested and this is something that we must avoid as it is strictly not tolerated by the Japanese Government.

5.Processing of Tax Account
The Tax in the Philippines is not exactly cheap .However, there is preferential treatment for foreign capital that is being generously provided. In connection to this, the company offers service on the processing of taxes to avoid double taxation in both the countries of Japan and the Philippines. Our company will apply the existing tax treaty to avoid such problems in the future .